Frequently asked questions

What items qualify for In-Store Returns?

In addition to meeting the return policy requirements of the associated retailer, In-Store Returns must also meet the following criteria:​ 1. Purchased with a CC (no debit or cash) 2. Receipt still valid 3. Fits in a compact vehicle 4. Weighs less than 20 lbs 5. Non-perishable & non-hazardous

What area do you serve?

We recently expanded! Currently we offer pickup & return services within Houston and the Surrounding Areas. If you would like to see our service in your area, please let us know at, our goal is to expand as quickly as possible!

What items qualify for Online Returns?

In addition to meeting the return policy requirements of the associated seller, Online Returns must also meet the following criteria:​ 1. Item is ready to be dropped in a post office mailbox drop slot (unless optional packaging services are selected) 2. Return label must be pre-paid 3. Fits in a compact vehicle 4. Weighs less than 20 lbs 5. Non-perishable, non-hazardous items only

Do I need to be there for pick up?

Yes, you will need to be present at pick up. Although we will no longer be collecting signatures in order to maintain a safe 6ft distance, you will need to place your return items outside your door once a Sperrand driver has notified you that they have arrived at your location. Packages cannot be left unattended for liability reasons.

What if I'm not home during your hours of operation?

We are happy to meet you anywhere within Houston and the Surrounding Areas for item pickup. Whether you are at work or grabbing some coffee, we will meet you there!

Why do you need a picture of my Driver's License?

Retail stores require a driver's license in order to complete the return process. We take a photo of your ID ahead of time in order to make the return process as efficient as possible. Photo ID is not required for Online Returns.

Are returns guaranteed?

We cannot guarantee that your items will be accepted by the retailer for return. It is ultimately your responsibility to make sure the items meet the return policy requirements of the associated retailer. See our Terms and Conditions for details.

How do I schedule a pickup?

Download the Sperrand app for a quick and easy way to schedule service! You can also book on our website at

What is the difference between In-Store and Online returns?

The difference between In-store and Online Returns depends on whether or not we physically enter a retail store and work with a store associate at the counter. Online Returns are for packaged and labeled items that are ready to be dropped off in a post office mailbox drop slot. In-Store Return services offer an additional layer of service for items that need to be processed inside a retail store.

Do you create return labels for online returns?

No, we currently do not have a service in place to create return labels, however, we do offer label printing services. You can access this service by selecting a packaging option at checkout, then simply email the return label to We'll print your label and tape it to the package for you!

If I have two separate receipts for the same store, do I book two services?

If both receipts are for the same return location (ex: Old Navy) you only need to book one return service. You would book two separate services if your return items go to two separate locations (ex: Old Navy & Target).

Where do I email my return label?

Please email your return label to

What changes have you made due to COVID-19?

1. To maintain a safe distance of 6ft, your driver will notify you when they have arrived so that your return items can be placed outside your door for pickup. Additionally, a signature will no longer be required at pickup. 2. Sperrand Drivers use face masks, gloves, and/or handsantizer throughout their shifts to protect both your health and safety as well as theirs.